The Light of Lustre - Johannes Nagel

du 19 mars au 18 avril 2021
Taste Contemporary

Taste Contemporary is proud to present The Light of Lustre - a solo exhibition of work by German artist, Johannes Nagel.

Frequently described as intensely sculptural, visually arresting and powerful, the subject of Johannes Nagel’s work is the improvised and provisional. Works are finished in that the porcelain is painted (glazed) and fired. Most are somehow vessels or pots, at times constructive composing, at times wilful destruction, sometimes vases, sometimes fragments or alienated objects. Their purpose is not, as the artist has stated ‘to achieve the perfection of the ultimate expression, but to verbalize a concept of the evolution of things.’

Jeudi 28 novembre

Jeudi et Vendredi: 10.00 - 12.00 et 13.30 - 18.30
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