Matters of the Heart: Deirdre McLoughlin and Helena Gorey

du 25 octobre au 1er décembre 2023
Taste Contemporary

Taste Contemporary is proud to present Matters of the Heart: Deirdre McLoughlin and Helena Gorey at the Taste Contemporary Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland from 25 October to 1 December 2023.

Deirdre McLoughlin’s sculptures have their impulse in a search for forms she does not yet know. She describes her process as a building and breaking movement over days into weeks till an inner logic reveals itself and the work, in an instant, feels right. ‘I sense something true’ she says, ‘my material is clay, a soft silent material, till fired.’

Painter Helena Gorey’s colour field abstractions are guided by an intuitive process and reflect her love of the natural world and in particular native plants of traditional Irish hedgerows. Her paintings are both a visual lament and an ode to the beauty and resilience of these humble wild flowers. ‘My desire is not to represent but to distill and make paintings with a sense of depth that appear effortless. This is developed over time through a process of layering from light to dark and dark to light in order to arrive home.’

Taste Contemporary
Rue Abraham Constantin 6
1206 Geneva